The New Beginning of Me.

Ironically enough, this post is a work-in-progress.

Trying to get comfortable with the online world isn’t as easy as most people think.  I have so much to say yet in front of this blank screen nothing comes to mind.  Writers block at its finest.

I’ll start with what I want this blog to be about and I’m sure later down the road it will be anything but.  As the tagline describes, this will be about anything and everything that goes on in my life, mostly things related to technology.  This gives me reason to carry around my camera that’s been sitting around collecting dust over the last couple of years.

I apologize in advance if my posts aren’t as structured as they should be, I promise it will get better.  My goal is to post at least a couple times a week or, if nothing else, at least on any big news that arises relating to the tech world.

The most important thing I almost forgot to mention in this post is myself.  My friends call me Steefun, think of Steven pronounced with a Chinese accent, haha.  I am a Computer Science graduate currently working in the IT field.  I’m passionate about technology, cars, arts and just knowledge in general.  I love learning about new things, seeing the world in a different perspective and having new experiences.  And I guess that’s the gist of me.

I’ll keep this relatively short.

Here’s a list of things to come,

Upcoming posts:
Reviews and Previews on Gadgets,
New Experiences around Toronto,

Until then, enjoy life!